But if his partner are looking forward to him having one to [a good condom] it is very impractical he’s going to use it

But if his partner are looking forward to him having one to [a good condom] it is very impractical he’s going to use it

Many men and you will women similar indexed that all couples don’t see the goal in making use of a good condom during pregnancy once the lady has already been pregnant. Extremely group linked trust certainly one of couples to condom use, declaring one to people which do not fool around with condoms faith each other. Furthermore, condom play with in pregnancy elicited issues about infidelity and you will, because of this, wasn’t greatest of head about Zika protection. Instance, while you are highlighting on what one carry out consider in regard to using a beneficial condom, that pregnant woman shown, “…Why must we wish to explore a great condom beside me if the you are my personal lady while real time inside my family? You may be doing something external [the house]. That is what most guys right here believe.” In another FGD having low-expecting mothers one lady shared,

Ninety % of men try unfaithful. It’s a lot more like 90-9 %. Just in case they get off and just have a trip [affair] with a female that is contaminated with Zika, he may bring it to the house.

Similarly, multiple non-expectant mothers into the an effective FGD mentioned another, in response so you’re able to whether or not people would use condoms during pregnancy,

In one single FGD, dudes offered this new impact one using condoms is of infidelity by detailing it is popular for males getting being unfaithful and you will condoms would be accustomed avoid the sexual sign regarding disorder and you may bacterial infections on their mate otherwise priple, in another FGD, one or two men mentioned

Participant seven: You have got to use an effective condom as well as having one’s spouse you must make use of it to stop of numerous disorders toward highway that exist as men lack a banner [insinuating infidelity].

Including, one-man noted, “I use it [condom] hvor meget skal du lave for at fГҐ en postordrebrud to possess precaution. But with my wife I do not use it [condom].” Additionally, whenever expected by facilitator in regards to the feasibility of utilizing a good condom during pregnancy, multiple dudes during the a beneficial FGD stated,

Participant 7: It is sometimes complicated as the immediately after she actually is already expecting by the anyone just how is the fact man planning play with an excellent condom following the woman try pregnant by you…

Participant dos: That would depend. In the event the, for example, the lady is expecting and you can, immediately following she had pregnant, your come and just have ill out-of Zika, now you must to use a condom to eliminate bringing their particular sick.

New member 5: Sure, I trust you. But in preserving the marriage, it is preferable to not ever utilize it. Why? As you are probably wade since your lady try pregnant, therefore share with her, “we will use this condom” she’s going to tell you, “Who have your been which have? In which had been your?” And you will the woman is perhaps not planning to want to have anything to create to you… Very that is what After all that it’s very hard.

Whenever very someone talked about staying away from an excellent condom during pregnancy, nevertheless they usually produced the latest concern about trust anywhere between people, attitudes or knowledge from infidelity-because there is you should not play with condoms to cease pregnancy-and you may retaining the partnership

Fellow member 5: They [condoms] work since sometimes you are on the new avenue and you work in different ways than simply you will do yourself, you know me personally, and you can people micro-organisms or one thing are avoided.

New member 4: Yes, it is like he says once the our company is very guys so we spend time in the pub. We can make mistakes and we normally fall into things, which one doesn’t want during those times and slide. Just in case we arrive at our home, including, with the lady, and you have to believe.


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